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    Petro Nahal Nava Company with register number 493565 backed by over 20 years of our managers and experts in the field of oil and oil derivatives and useful experience for domestic and export sales and purchase, import and Etc. With a focus on oil transactions involving Crude Oil and oil derivatives, gas and petrochemical products as well as certain goods is proud to work with applicants and have been active in the field of cooperation and participate.

    The main activity of the company in supplying and export of crude oil and oil derivatives, including:

    1. Diesel and Hydrocarbons
    2. Benzine
    3. LPG
    4. Crude Oil
    5. Fuel Oil
    6. Bitumen
    7. Etc.

    And is ready to cooperate with all providers and private sector clients.

    Destination countries in exports so far with them and often buy goods as well as purchase the product to the product of collaboration include Russia, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Ethiopia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Georgia, Turkmenistan and etc. And continue this relationship better than ever and ready to share them with other partner companies.